It has been 7 long months since the conclusion of the 1st Annual Worship Experience Live USA in Atlanta, GA. Oh how time flies. Thou it seems quiet on this side of the Atlantic, Worship Experience Live with Pastor Moji Alawiye has successfully blessed thousands of Worshipers in Africa’s most populous nation of Nigeria at 2 separate venues since the conclusion of Atlanta event.

Another event is schedule for less than a month away on the Island of Lagos where thousands would gather to Worship in Music as lead by Pastor Moji Alawiye, PMA. All perform without a single penny being charge. That’s a ministry that needs your prayer more than money. But if God laid it upon your heart to sponsor this ministry, then by all means – please do so. You can become a sponsor of the ATLANTA OR AUSTRALIA WORSHIP EXPERIENCE LIVE FOR 2015/2016.

We here in Atlanta can’t wait to have her back for another installment of Worship Experience Live USA Event in February 2015. Until then, enjoy the music on our website or visit iTunes for download. Thank You & God Bless.


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