The History of W.E.L


Worship Experience Live started in 2002 at the University of Ibadan (Trenchard Hall) as an outreach event to the University Community including Students and Faculty. With 21 editions of the event in Abuja, Port Harcourt, Lagos and Ibadan to date, the Lord has blessed the event with tremendous growth of souls thirsting for Christ each year.

The vision Worship Experience Live was given to Sam and Moji Alawiye. It was a burden in their hearts to see true worship restored in the body of Christ. Majority of people in the Pentecostal circle today had their foundation in the orthodox or evangelical churches like the Anglicans, Methodists, Baptists, Presbyterians, Apostolic to mention a few.

pix_38-001Sam and Moji Alawiye were not excluded. They both had their foundation from the Baptist Church family. In those days, contemporary worship was not so much celebrated or even known. Most of our churches were limited to crusade choruses and hymns, which were not enough for absolute expression of worship to our great God.

 In the early 80’s, we began to experience the in-flow of contemporary worship songs to the Nigeria market from the United States of America, Europe and Australia. This flow of worship songs, in no small measure influenced the lives of Sam and Moji Alawiye. This played a major role in leading them to Christ. Even though they have never met, their testimonies of worship experience conversion were similar.

 While Sam was a prominent member of the Glorious Chariot Musical Band and Emmanuel Baptist Church Choir, both in Ilorin, Kwara State, Moji was a member of Molete Baptist Church Choir and Ibadan Grammar School Choir while at the same time leading two musical bands – The Victorious Singers and the Birds of Glory. They met in the early 90’s and explored the possibilities of worship meetings together as a team.

 In early 2000, they took advantage of the in-flow of contemporary worship songs to help our Nigeria churches experience new depths in worship. Hence, the birth of the project – “WORSHIP EXPERIENCE LIVE.” Ever since then, the vision of Worship Experience Live has been expanding throughout Nigeria from Ibadan to Lagos, Port Harcourt to Abuja among others. 

It has now developed to live worship recording concert, festival of praise and holy convocation. The vision is to see everyone, everywhere experiencing God in worship.  

After ten years of hosting

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